Capturing moments, attitudes, looks or compositions that form an image is my job. That this image last over time or attract attention by generating interest, either because of its aesthetic beauty or because it manages to transmit the character or feeling of a character … That is what motivates me and makes me put all my energy into every photographic project I do


Fashion photography is a part of advertising photography that has become a genre in itself, worthy of separate mention. It surrounds us every day, from the internet to the press, magazines, marquees and shop windows. It is about to attract the attention of the public, to stay in their memory and, most importantly, to encourage the purchase of the photographed item, in this case the clothes and complements, etc. Jose Cordero has been developing this specialty since the beginning of the 90’s for put it at your service


Portrait, from the Latin retractus, is the painting, image or representation of a person. The intention is to reproduce as accurately as possible the physical appearance and personality of the subject portrayed. It is the photographic modality responsible for capturing the essence of a person, either by highlighting the gaze, the pose or their physical qualities.


Publicly known people, who stand out in their professions or environments.

Corporate photography

Showing the professional either in the studio or in their work environment.

Photo books

A photo book is the letter of introduction used by singers, actors and actresses, models, dancers and anyone who wants to make their work known, qualities and skills, usually associated with the advertising industry, entertainment and art. Also to use in social networks.

Product Photography

Product photography, as the name suggests, is a type of photography that aims to faithfully represent all the attributes of a particular object (shape, color, texture, etc.) and make that object as attractive as possible to the public.


I believe that all people have a story to tell, only that many have not yet had the tools to do so. I try to ensure that all brands have the opportunity to transmit their own essence to the world and their values ​​that identify them. Discover my latest works as a Filmmaker.